A recent graduate from Yale University — where they studied with Joshua Rosenblum and Katheryn Alexander, among others — Brin Solomon [they/them] is a composer and theatre maker who writes songs full of striking imagery, unusual harmonies, and flowing, lyrical melodies. Their original full-length musical Window Full of Moths has been praised by reviewers for its “extraordinary soul-stirring songs” that “add magic to otherwise common lives”. An active believer in the ideal of the composer-performer, they regularly present their own works as well as the works of others on voice as well as bassoon. Having spent two years working as an archivist and assistant to Michael Feinstein in Los Angeles (work that included arranging several American standards for Mr Feinstein to sing in Carnegie Hall), they are currently enrolled in the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at NYU/Tisch. Upcoming projects include a song cycle about trans mundanity and a play that has been described as “agitprop for Judith Butler”.