Theatrical Works

Defiant, Majestic, and Beautiful (in progress)
• A theatrical song cycle sharing some slices of life from people who experience transmisogyny. There’s agony, there’s ecstasy, there’s an ode to salt. You can watch a video of the finale, “New Year’s Eve” over on my YouTube page!

Mothman: The Musical (2017) (with Kelsey McConnell)
• It is a dark and stormy night, and an omen of doom has been spotted flitting about the shadows of this small California town. Nadia and June are each preparing for disaster in their own way, but neither are ready for the disaster that actually arrives. Listen to a video of the final song!

Project Tiresias (in progress) (with AriDy Nox)
• Project Tiresias tells the story of T, a medical android with too many feelings. Created by the brilliant scientists Zu and Prasit (with the help of their intern Freda), T must navigate the emotional landscape they are unexpectedly thrust into when they're turned on for the first time, coming into their personhood thru a journey of wonder, anxiety, and loss.

Silver and Stars (in progress) (with Aiden Feltkamp)
• Cal, a nonbinary college student, is trying to connect with their family’s Jewish heritage, but that same family history keeps getting in the way.

Window Full of Moths (2013–14)
• A full-length musical centered around Susan Caldwell, a fictional college physics major exploring themes of friendship, intimacy, and loss. Described by reviewers as "a successful combination of a musical and a skit" with "extraordinary soul stirring songs", you can watch videos from the premiere production here! (Highlights include the title song and the voicemail apology number.)


Chamber Music

Abandoned Dances (string quartet) (2012) (9'30")
• What happens when a ghostly waltz is left to its own devices to keep itself amused in a composer's workshop? (Listen!)

all the days of your vain life (oboe, piano) (2016) (13')
• Written for oboist Jonathan Thompson, all the days of your vain life is a meditation on themes of existentialism, bleakness, and relentlessly constructed joy.

Aubade (fl, vla, hrp) (2013) (7')
• Written for the 2013 fresh inc music festival, Aubade takes the form of a lively and intricate dance to the rising sun. (Listen!)

Rivermusic (saxophone quartet: SATB) (2013) (7')
• This piece is not a programmatic depiction of any specific river or waterway, but rather an abstracted impression of the course of a river more generally. Sextet (SAATTB) version also available. (Listen to movement I and movement II of the quartet version!)

Rotational Games (bassoon, piano) (2015) (17')
• Inspired by various “rotational forms” in music theory and branching out to borrow concepts from airplanes and astrophysics, Rotational Games is an intimate and emotional work that is by turns lyrical, giddy, brooding, and playful. (Listen!)

Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (2013 –14, rev 2015) (15')
• In three movements, this sonata is a playful romp through various musical landscapes and textures, at turns giddy, lyrical, and rhapsodic. Each movement may be played separately. (Last movement includes optional E-flat Clarinet parts.) (Listen!) (For the theory-inclined, you can read an extended analysis here!)

Three Modal Dances (wind quintet) (2010 - 2011) (8'30")
• Inspired by everything from washing machines to ghostly summer breezes, these three short dance movements range from the silly to the somber to the sublime.

Triptych (eng hrn, string quartet) (2010 - 2012) (16')
• A densely motivic work that explores strict formal principles while working its way from a place of desolation to one of glowing resolution and hope.


Vocal and Choral

August Songs (mezzo) (2012) (7')
• A setting of five texts by the poet Martina Crouch, all written in the month of August 2011.

Carmina Cenarum (baritone) (2010) (8'30")
• Three Latin poems about food and its various accompaniments, from friends and witty conversation to hard-fought victories and prophetic celebrations.

Green Fields (baritone) (2011) (4')
• An elegiac meditation on the precious, transitory nature of life. A version for voice and wind ensemble dedicated to the memory of Michele Dufault also available. (Listen to the wind ensemble version!)

Sphere (any voice type) (2017) (4') (with Chase O'Neill)
• A surreal, fragmented text that swallows its own tail, for voice and prerecorded electronics. (Watch a video with the score!)

The World Is Sand (SSAATTB Choir) (4')
• A setting of Wilfred Owen’s “To———” that looks back with painful nostalgia on the lost exuberance of youth.


Solo Instrumental

Evening Tercet (carillon or piano) (2012) (4')
• Just as the setting sun brings brilliant colors before darkness sets in, so this piece shines as it descends gradually from the highest chimes to the lowest of low tones.

Lamentation after Seikilos (picc) (2010) (4')
• An ancient Greek melody, washed up on a foreign shore, dreaming in sad memory of all that has gone before. (Listen!)

Music for "Kandinsky's Triangle" (2007, rev 2009) (2'30")
• Originally written to accompany a short film, this fantasia on a Gregorian chant fragment stands quite well as a haunting, lyrical meditation on its own.