JS Bach: Cello Suite No. 3: IV. Sarabande

Hey all! The fourth movement of my project to record JS Bach's third cello suite is now online! (You can find the first three movements here in case you missed them or want to listen again.)

For an explanation of why I feel justified in being as free with the score as I'm being, I devoted last week's post to talking about the question of textual fidelity, so check it out!


This is probably not what Bach intended.

I'm going to be uploading the next movement of the third cello suite next Friday, and it's going to be . . . a little different. It'll still be very recognizably Bach, but I'm taking liberties with it, many more than I have in the other movements, and many more also than I'd take if I were playing the piece in an audition for judges who would doubtless know the score. Normally I'd just put it out there as-is with minimal comment, but this touches on a larger issue that I have a lot of thoughts about, so I'm going to take this post to justify what iI've done with the Sarabande.

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