This is probably not what Bach intended.

I'm going to be uploading the next movement of the third cello suite next Friday, and it's going to be . . . a little different. It'll still be very recognizably Bach, but I'm taking liberties with it, many more than I have in the other movements, and many more also than I'd take if I were playing the piece in an audition for judges who would doubtless know the score. Normally I'd just put it out there as-is with minimal comment, but this touches on a larger issue that I have a lot of thoughts about, so I'm going to take this post to justify what iI've done with the Sarabande.

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The [Homophobic] Author is Dead

So my friends Erin and Noah over at the Limiting Factor podcast were covering the recent renewed attention on the rape accusations against Bill Cosby and got into a discussion about whether you can separate art from the person who makes it. They don't come to a hard and fast conclusion, but they're definitely leaning towards not being able to separate the two, towards the nastiness of an artist tainting the art that they make. They make a lot of good points, but I tend to come down on the other side of this question, and today I'm going to offer some reasons why.

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